Strike Uniforms, Feminist Visual Activism, ICA London

Performance intervention during Symposium: Feminist Visual Activism at ICA London


Hello, my name is Malgorzata Markiewicz; it is pleasure to be here.

Thank you Basia for inviting me. I was asked to start our symposium with a performance. And since our meeting is going to be about Feminist Visual Activism I wanted to do something around that topic. But I found it inappropriate to act alone. Because activism is about acting together, standing together for better future for us and others who suffer, for animals and Earth. What is more, one single person can’t do that much as a group of people

I do not know if you follow the situation in Poland lately.But since quite a while besides the political disaster on the filed of superior court issue, constitution, ancient forest we have enormous problems with abortion law. The Catholic Church does not like women and right wing politician who are in charge do not like us too. So they want to take form women the rights to decide for themselves. Since few years we are protesting at Black Marches, wearing black outfits. More than two years ago, in march 2016 I have made the photo where I was wearing that outfit which I have to day, standing like that

With my back facing the camera. I use that photo later on Facebook with a comment “Keep Abortion Safe and Legal” and spread that statement in social media. Later in march 2018 that photo was used for posters and banners of group exhibition in Krakow, organized around the topic of the 100 years anniversary of gaining voting rights by women in Poland.

So today, I have made 9 more items, which I called Strike Uniforms for You dear guests of Symposium. And I would like to ask you to wear them and stand with me here together to show the solidarity with women in Poland and with all who are fighting for their rights all over the world.