A Cone – Krakow Arts Salon 2018

A Cone

A lady, trying to satisfy herself with the various gifts of nature, came up with an idea of using fir cones. A fresh cone is smooth and rigid and when introduced into vagina, scales down, did not resist. However, under the influence of moisture, the seed husks opened to form spiked surfaces, thereby blocking its removal, like simple fishing nets, woven from wicker. The fish that will be trapped in them will not be able to run away unaided.

Work is going to be presented during Krakow Arts Salon 2018.

Krakow Arts Salon is a survey of art presently created by artists relating to Kraków. The exhibition will take place from 12-21 October 2018 in the Palace of Art, and it is co-organised by Krakow Festival Office and the Artists Innovation Theory Foundation (F.A.I.T.).