Combustion – Contexts – Ephemeral Art Festival, Sokolowsko 2018


It was very common to visit Sokołowsko (Goerbersdorf) when tuberculosis treatment was necessary. It was the first such sanatorium in the world where a climate and dietetic therapy was applied. Sokołowsko was even a model for famous Davos in which Thomas Mann set the action of the Magic Mountain. Tuberculosis, which is a mysterious disease of sensitive people, is widely described by Susan Sontag in the book Illness as Metaphor. Where we can read that it was believed that sadness and melancholy were conducive to the development of tuberculosis, this hypersensitivity and affectionate delicacy was characteristic of people who were artistically talented.

At the same time, a patient suffering from tuberculosis had to leave his hometown to cure his illness, often was leading the life of a traveller, unrelated to mundane matters. Somehow the disease justified him or her. Tuberculosis makes people unique, aristocracy among the sick, outsiders of society. Being in a sanatorium exempted them from responsibility for the cares of everyday life. Similarly with artists, they dwell somewhere in between, having an alibi for their entire life because of their profession.

Currently, Sokołowsko serves artists and people connected with culture (sensitive ones) as a place of realizing their passions. A few days stay in Sokołowsko can be considered as a therapy through art when healing the body and senses. In Sokołowsko-SPA I am going to offer therapeutic sessions with the fire and resins, incense and herbs, every day after dusk. The event will be accompanied by fire. Just like Hans Castrop, when he was realxig according to a rigid therapeutic scheme we will do a bit the same.




  • Gnicie i rozkład – powiedział Hans Castrop . -Wszak to jest spalanie, łączenie się z tlenem o ile wiem.
  • -Najzupełniej słusznie. Utlenianie.
  • A życie?
  • Także, także młodzieńcze! Także łączenie się z tlenem. Życie to także po prostu spalanie się białka komórek- stąd pochodzi to miłe ciepło zwierzęce, którego ma się nieraz zbyt wiele. Taak…życie to śmierć – nie ma co wiele upiększać (…)[1]

Tomasz Mann, Czarodziejska Góra, 1998 Czytelnik, Warszawa , Tom I str.391


[2] Susan Sontag, Choroba jako Metafora, AIDS i jego metafory, Wydawnictwo Karakter, Kraków, str 33